This summer they have come back with a fervor and the plants look larger than before. 2 Elephant Ear -Colocasia esculenta-(Bulbs Size 5-7) Give Your Garden a Tropical Look. Imperial Taro grows to 36 inches tall and can easily be wintered indoors as a houseplant. 3.6 out of 5 stars 405. Colocasia are also referred to as Giant taro, Ape plant, Elephant Ear, Ape flower, Elephant’s Ear Plant, Night-scented Lily, New Guinea Shield, and Taro. 5 Taro Bulbs: Green Elephant Ear Plants. I have looked around on the internet and can get info that they are truly edible but not a lot of info on their underground growth habits. // ]]> Widgets. Taxonomy and Botany . Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Therefore I carefully dug out a small piece of … I figured if anybody knew and or had tried them it would be you my green thumbed compadre. Taro needs water to grow, whether in wetland or dryland systems. Order your bog garden plants today and take the next step to making your pond truly yours. Plants will produce large fragrant flowers. Only about half grew and some got mushy and rotted. Water chestnuts: Easy to grow. Taro is the most significant plant in Hawaiian culture, not only as the most important staple, but is tied to the A few years ago I brought home some taro root from the grocery store after a trip to California, and planted them. A number of cultivars also exist, including types with dark leaves (for example, C. esculenta 'Black Magic'), placing them among the so-called "black plants." Easy and moderately productive. Individuals should avoid planting taro outdoors where it can spread to streams or wetlands. //